Hit a bump in the road?

Hit a bump in the road?

If you're in a tight spot, go get Scott!

If you're in a tight spot, go get Scott!

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Scott McClintock has established himself as a trusted lawyer in the Warren County and surrounding area. His experience in working with the States Attorney gives him an expertise in now handling DUIs, Drug Charges and other criminal defense cases of any kind. Scott knows that a person should not be defined by one mistake and that belief motivates him to fight for you.


Blaise Rogers grew up in Forest City, Illinois and attended Monmouth College where he played basketball and majored in History and Political Science. He obtained a Master’s Degree in History from WIU and then obtained a J.D. from SIU-Carbondale in 2014. Upon graduation, he returned to Monmouth and has been practicing family and criminal defense law in western and central Illinois and eastern Iowa, appearing in 25 counties.

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