What Happens When I Get My First DUI?

It’s frightening to be arrested for a DUI. Here’s what you need to know about the process.
what happens after first dui

Being arrested for the first time sounds like a nightmare. Add in the fact that your mind might be hazy if you have consumed alcohol or you may be frightened with no idea what’s happening or why you’re getting arrested. If you have ever wondered what happens after this moment, you don’t have to worry.  At McClintock Law, we don’t believe that a single event should define anyone, that’s why when facing a DUI call a lawyer who’s willing to work for you.

Key Takeaways

It doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare if you are arrested for a DUI. Here’s a few things Scott McClintock wants you to know if you find yourself in a tight spot:

  1. In Illinois a Blood alcohol level of .08% is considered drinking while under the influence.
  2. You may face a Class A Misdemeanor, lose your license and face a fine.
  3. You should always hire representation after a DUI charge. McClintock Law can help and offers free consultations.

When Does Someone Get A DUI?

First, it is important to remember that only people 21 years or older are legally allowed to consume alcohol. Charges for underage drinking are separate and can occur if you are caught consuming alcohol and you are not under the legal limit. In Illinois, a DUI can occur when BAC (blood-alcohol content) exceeds or meets 0.08%. But having a BAC of less than 0.08% doesn’t mean you can walk away with no repercussions, a police officer can still arrest you if they find probable cause. People may also get a DUI when driving under the influence of other mind-altering substances including but not limited to marijuana or illegal drugs. Knowing what constitutes a DUI is important to understand and can be the first step in keeping out of trouble. 

What Charges Can I Get For My First DUI?

In Illinois, your first DUI will is normally a Class A misdemeanor, and you can face several consequences in response to this the first being a suspension of your driver’s license. It is essential that you make an immediate appeal after you have been charged with a DUI. You may prevent your license from being taken away if you contact a lawyer and appeal the charges within 46 days. Second, you may face a fine of a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $2,500. Third, you can face a maximum of 364 days in jail. Both the fine and jail time can and will be increased if a minor is a passenger at the time of the DUI. If you have multiple DUIs, then the repercussions grow more severe. This can include the misdemeanor turning into a Class 4 or greater felony, higher fines, and increased jail time. Facing your first DUI can be terrifying, and you might wonder do you have a chance to fight these charges.

Should I Fight My DUI Charge?

Yes, you should always fight your DUI charge! To successfully fight it, you should hire a credible and trustworthy lawyer like Scott McClintock.  At McClintock Law, we can help you get out of a tight spot, and help prevent the repercussions of getting a DUI. As some of the best DUI lawyers in Warren County, Illinois, we’re willing to fight for you and make sure you get the representation that you deserve! Call McClintock Law for a free consultation at (309)715-7181. 

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