What Makes A Good Drug Defense Attorney?

A good defense attorney can help you fight against drug possession charges and at McClintock law, we have the experience to battle for you in court.
drug defense attorney in warren county

Ever since America declared ‘war on drugs’ in 1971, our prisons and jails have filled up with drug cases quickly, often for people who have had very few drugs in their possession. At Mcclintock Law, we don’t want to see you serve a disproportionate amount of time for your offense. Especially as a resident of Illinois, the laws can be confusing as to what is legal and illegal. Scott wants you to understand what is involved in drug cases and how he can help you should you find yourself in a tight spot.


In Warren County and surrounding Illinois counties, most drug arrests are made by local law enforcement. If however, a federal officer makes the arrest the case will almost certainly become a federal offense. Federal offenses can include selling, manufacturing, distributing, or trafficking illegal drugs. In addition, if a drug offense occurs on federal property, or is busted by the DEA, defendants can also be charged at a Federal level.

That is why McClintock Law is able to represent you in any situation. You will want someone with drug defense experience to get you through the wide scope of punishments that vary between the courts. 


While each drug case is different, often involving unique circumstances, our defense plan will be strong. At McClintock Law we work for dismissals in preliminary hearings, uncover illegal search and seizure procedures, and dispute possession. Just because the police bring you in does not mean you are guilty of the crimes for which you are charged. We will work to uncover what type of drugs were allegedly in your possession and if you were aware of the drugs or was there any proof of intent to sell drugs. These are important factors in your arrest and subsequent defense. 


It seems that Illinois is always changing its mind when it comes to the law and drugs and which laws apply to which drugs.  Our clients don’t have to worry about understanding every nuance of the law. With attorney Scott McClintock as your defense, you can be sure that every aspect of the law will be considered when organizing your defense.


At McClintock Law, we have experience representing those charged with possession or delivery of controlled substances, possession and delivery of cannabis, and possession or delivery of methamphetamine. 

The safest way to stay out of trouble is to never possess illegal drugs. If you make a mistake and you find yourself in a situation where you need a top-rated Drug Defense attorney, contact McClintock Law. Attorney Scott McClintock will fight for you to get real outcomes. Whenever you’re in a tight spot, you’ve got Scott!

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